It's amazing that a song released back in the 70's has had not one but two pop culture revivals. A song that was predicted to fail is now at the top of the food chain. It's official...Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody is now the most streamed song from the 20th century! The 1975 epic has now been viewed/streamed more than 1.6 billion times, making it the most streamed classic rock song ever!

Now let's talk about the movie of the same name. The Freddy Mercury biopic starring Rami Malek is now the highest grossing musical biography ever, making over $600 million worldwide. [Source: New York Post]

Crazy to think that a 6-minute long song that changes tempos and mood a few different times and includes a wacky, operatic, 37-part harmony section would be an international juggernaut over 40 years later! I also think it's pretty cool/interesting that Bohemian Rhapsody got a resurrgence when I was in high school (thanks to Wayne's World in 1992) and it's popular again now that I have a daughter in high school. I guess Stephen King nailed it "Sooner or later, everything old is new again."

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