Starved Rock State Park in Illinois offers ice climbing and are you brave enough to try it?

Illinois Is Home To Many Great State Parks

I understand the state of Illinois has a few issues but one thing it has definitely done well is its parks. Our state is full of amazing state parks for the residents to visit and spend time with family and friends. One of the most popular ones is Starved Rock State Park in Utica, Illinois. There are so many great activities and something for everyone.

Enjoy Illinois;YouTube
Enjoy Illinois; YouTube

Are You An Outdoors Person?

To be totally honest with you, I am not the biggest outside adventurer. I enjoy taking walks but that is the extent of my extreme behavior. It is not that I am afraid to try new things but I get nervous when there is an element of danger involved.

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Getty Images

Have You Heard Of Ice Climbing?

I believe this is why the internet was creative. To learn about interesting things you would never think of attempting. Recently, I was on Facebook and found out about ice climbing for the very first time.

Pretty insane, huh? Well, you can experience it for yourself at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois. Check out this up-close look I found on YouTube. It did not take much to convince me to keep my feet on the ground.

Way To Enjoy Ice Climbing Without Leaving The Ground

Do not get me wrong, I think ice climbing looks really cool. It just is not my thing. I would love to witness it live and luckily there is an opportunity coming up soon.

For more info about ice climbing at Starved Rock State Park, HERE.

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