This certainly doesn't help make a person feel comfortable as Daylight Savings Time is about to end and we spend more of our days in the dark.



If you have any kind of fear of being attacked by a blood-sucking vampire, you may want to start packing your your stuff up and finding a new state to call home.

As I write this, part of me won't let go of the fact that we don't really know that vampires DON'T exist. I was addicted to the HBO show from years back, True Blood, and that's why I can't completely let go of the feeling that, I personally, can't confirm they don't walk amongst us at night.


Maybe they are 'day walkers' that sparkle in the sun like Edward from the Twilight movies.

Either way, no matter what you believe, if vampires were looking for the best places to call home, Illinois a great choice. According to a recent study, there are 5 cities in Illinois that would make perfect locations if you're immortal.

Study Reveals That Two of the Top 5 Best Cities for Vampires are in Illinois

Before you start planning your 'escape', let me fill you in on how this study was conducted and found the 200 Best Cities for Vampires

The number crunchers looked for cities with:

"plenty of warm bodies, blood centers, and homes with basements on the market. We also searched for cities with other vampire-welcoming qualities like many cloudy days, few churches, and no garlic festivals."


Which Illinois residents need to be looking out for friends who sleep all day?

Screaming vampire

Naperville is the BEST city for vampires nationwide.

  • Chicago is #3
  • Aurora in #7
  • Joliet in #29
  • Rockford is #32
Photo by Dinu J Nair on Unsplash
Photo by Dinu J Nair on Unsplash

This study is not serious, but if it was, you better get some books and watch some movies to learn how to kill vampires.

The study's real intent is put some light on our blood donations centers and how dangerously low the supplies are in our area. Truthfully, the entire country is in the midst of a blood supply shortage.

Here in Rockford, please consider getting to donating to the Rock River Valley Blood Center. You can either make it to one of their blood drives, you can also call the center to schedule a donation at 815-965-8751. You can also schedule a donation through their website.

If you're about to become a first-time blood donor, I want you to know that your blood can help save up to 3 lives.

That's a big deal, not vampires in Illinois (or anywhere else for that matter).

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