The Humane Society of Henderson County is now taking dogs in again after having to quarantine their dog area due to Parvo. However they'd like to take this time to remind you of the importance of vaccinating your pets! 

Belle is one of the many dogs looking for their forever home at Humane Society of Henderson County (Photo Credit: Humane Society of Henderson county)

After a Parvo outbreak at the Humane Society of Henderson County, they had to stop taking in dogs for 2 weeks. While the outbreak seems to be under control, a few dogs who were not exposed to their outbreak have come in and tested positive for Parvo, they'd like to remind you of the importance of vaccinating your pets as Parvo can be deadly.

Here's the official statement and update from the Humane Society of Henderson County:

UPDATE: This is Angela Hagedorn, Executive Director for the Humane Society of Henderson County, with some important information.
I wanted to give the community an update on the parvo quarantine at the Shelter. The Shelter has had no further outbreaks of parvo in the Shelter. However, we have had public bring in dogs that were exhibiting symptoms for us to test and several of these have tested positive for parvo. For this reason, the Shelter will not open for dog intakes untilMonday. This is to protect the Shelter animals from any further exposure and to ensure enough staffing is available to properly test and assess each dog that comes into the Shelter.
I would like to stress to the community the importance of getting your animals up to date on shots, especially puppies. The way to help prevent this deadly disease is getting your dog vaccinated. Our community is lucky to have five veterinarian offices located throughout the county. Give one of them a call to get your dog and all of your pets up to date on vaccines. Please do not take unvaccinated animals into areas where they can be exposed to diseases such as parvo and inadvertently spread diseases like parvo.
Lastly, parvo is a particularly resilient virus. It can survive indoors at room temperature for at least two months and is resistant to many commonly used cleaners and disinfectants. Outdoors, the parvovirus can survive for months, and even years, if protected from direct sunlight. That is why proper cleanup of the environment is especially important. If you suspect that you have come into contact with parvo at all, wash the affected area with household bleach, one of the few disinfectants known to kill the virus.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to returning to business as usual on Monday, September 24th. The Shelter is open to the public from 12 PM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 12 PM on Saturdays. Our animals are ready to be visited and adopted! Thank you for your continued support of the Humane Society of Henderson County.

Check out sweet Belle! She's a 70lbs lap dog who might just be the perfect fit for your home!