Imagine this. You're walking alone in a state park when suddenly a woman appears, speaks to you then vanishes. This happened to a veteran in Illinois many years ago and this is his story.

I saw this tale shared on the Illinois sub-Reddit. It's the harrowing encounter that was told at Phantoms and Monsters. The man described himself as a veteran of the war in Iraq who was visiting his girlfriend in Chicago. They made the decision to go on a hike in Starved Rock State Park. It's a beautiful place not far from the Windy City.

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After hours of hiking, they were heading back toward their car when the man felt like someone was watching them. They had people behind them several hundred feet, but no one visible in front. The sense of being watched was so strong that he turned around and saw a woman approaching him. He noted that the speed of her walk was unusual. Here's a snippet of what he said:

The first thing is there was no sound, no footsteps, no rustling in the woods nothing to tell me to turn around other than the strong sense of something behind me which I'd had for a bit . At the speed she was moving she would have had to have been running hard but I heard no footsteps.

His girlfriend did not notice the woman and kept on walking. He said that the woman was featureless. After several seconds of eye contact, he turned back around and continued to walk with his girlfriend. Curious if they were still being followed by the woman, he turned around again and there was nobody there. She had simply vanished. His girlfriend had not seen the woman on either occasion.

The interesting thing about this man's story is he is not alone in reporting weird goings on in Starved Rock State Park. I noticed the Starved Rock Inn even offers "ghost tours". I wonder if it includes the ghost of a featureless woman that appeared before a veteran on a hike?

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