1) The "My clothing is see through and I don't care" person

2) The "I no longer care about anything anymore" person

3) The "White trash kings of the world" people

4) The "I let my video gaming watching preferences dictate my dress - hillbilly edition" person
I appreciate that people love television and gaming and the arts (I use that term loosely) so much that they'd like to emulate their favorite characters through dress. However, Walmart is generally not the best place to do that. That's what cosplay is for.

5) The "That is definitely illegal not just horrific" person

6) The "Walmart parental wonder!" person
Everyone has encountered the worst parents in Walmart. Sometimes I think they're not really that bad of parents, but that Walmart brings out the worst in their kids which effects their parenting ability. I know that my kids act up in Walmart and it's difficult to shop. Generally, though, I do pretty well in making sure they're not acting too crazy. Some parents just let their kids let loose or the parents let loose on the kids and act insane. Either one is not good.

7) The "Did I just really see that?" person