Even though I don't get the opportunity to play as much as I'd like, and after playing for nearly 20 years I'm still not any good, I really enjoy spending a nice day out on the golf course. Seeing I don't have the kind of money it takes to buy a membership to a private course, I'm left hacking away on the many public courses we have here in Evansville. Which is fine by me, because we have some really good courses to play. Here are my favorites.

Helfrich Hills Golf Course - 1550 Mesker Park Drive

The word "hills" isn't in the name because it sounds pretty, it's because a majority of the course is played either uphill or downhill (and in some cases, both) and offers a solid challenge for golfers at any level. Par 4, 6th is particularly challenging with a green that sits high on the hill on the other side of wide creek forcing players to decide whether or not to lay up on their second shot, or pull out a move straight from the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game library and attempt to go for a birdie.

Fendrich Golf Course - 1900 East Diamond Avenue

Not nearly as hilly as Helfrich (few courses are), Fendrich's relatively flat layout allows it to be accessible for beginnings and novices, while also providing just enough challenges to more advanced players. The 192 yard Par 3 is particularly challenging for those who struggle with long irons or fairway woods.

Cambridge Golf Course - 1034 Beacon Hill

Tucked away in a golf community off Highway 41 in northern Vanderburgh County, Cambridge is a "links style" course, meaning it has little to no trees, and a ton of bunkers. It also features a number of large, undulating greens. The lack of trees allows the wind to really whip through which offers it's own special challenge, and if you happen to shank one in the tall heather grass that separates the fairways, leave it. You won't find it.

McDonald Golf Course - 2905 East Morgan Avenue

With only nine holes, the well-manicured McDonald course on Morgan Avenue between Boeke and Stockwell offers a nice balance of par 4's and 3's with a par 5 or two thrown in. And since it only offers nine holes, it's perfect for players looking to squeeze in a round, but have a limited amount of time.


If there's any I missed, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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