It's interesting to see how the Olympics have changed with the addition of new events in our lifetime. I mean, who would have thought that snowboarding and BMX would ever be Olympic events?  We will see four new events at the Pyeongchang games starting this week.

BIG AIR - Snowboarding

This snowboarding event has been added, at least partly, in an attempt to attract younger viewers. Athletes head down a steep hill...they launch off a big ol' ramp...and they try to do the biggest trip possible on each run. I actually really excited to see this...should be pretty exciting!

MASS START - Speed Skating

Like the name suggests, the race begins with a big group of competitors at the start line. U.S. speedskater Joey Mantia describes it like this “The best way I could describe it would be NASCAR on ice...There is bumping, there is drafting, there is strategy...It’s definitely more exciting to watch than standard long-track races.”


I feel like this event has gotten more and more popular over the years. It seems like such a simple concept, even though it's not. It's actually pretty riveting to watch. And this year we get to see men and women compete together on two-man (person) teams.

TEAM SKIING - Alpine Skiing

This new event, which has already been a part of the world championships and World Cup finals, involves teams of two men and two women competing in parallel slalom races.

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially get under way on Thursday, with the opening ceremony taking place on Friday.

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