The 2019 ShrinersFest kicks off along the Evansville riverfront on June 20th and will feature four days worth of shows, activities, food, and more up and down Riverside Drive. One thing it won't feature? Personal drones flying through the sky. And if it does, the owners of those drones will find themselves hurting right where it counts — their bank account.

Organizers of this year's event posted a notice on their Facebook page Wednesday saying the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has placed a restriction on the flying of personal drones during this year's event. Not just along Riverside Drive, but within "5 nautical miles" of it.

How big of an area is that exactly? According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), "1 nautical mile = 1.1508 statute miles" which, after some quick math (thanks calculator!), in this case equals a 5.75 mile radius from the event. That covers just past USI on the west side all the way to the back side of the Evansville Pavilion Shopping Center at Burkhardt and the Lloyd on the east side, and the intersection of Darmstadt and Mohr Roads to the north all the way across the Indiana-Kentucky board into the nearly the start of the Henderson trip just south of the Twin Bridges. Check out this map to see for yourself.

If you or someone you know decides to test fate and fly your drone anyway, know that if you get caught the FAA will confiscate your drone and fine you up to $11,000, so think long and hard before you fire it up.

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