For over 90 years, Newstalk 1280 has been a proud supporter of the tristate's First Responders. And we couldn't be more proud of 8 of "Evansville's Bravest" from the Evansville Fire Department who were nominated for Green River Kiwanis' 38th Annual Firefighter of the Year Award.

This morning at the American Red Cross, nominees Mike Bacon, Dan Brown, Chad Buttry, Rodney Frye, Clint Hoskins, Tony Knight, Patrick Moore, and Jim Pauli were treated to a breakfast and recognition by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, Firefighter of the Year Chairman Ed Ziemer, Fire Chief Mike Connelly, Fire Chaplain Ray Brown, and guest speaker retired EFD Fire Chief Douglas Wilcox.

According to the Evansville Fire Department, Tony Knight was named Green River Kiwanis’ 2018 Firefighter of the Year. "Knight, is a 16-year veteran of the Department and Captain on Engine 1. Captain Knight received a wall plague from Kiwanis and a $100 Check from “On the Spot” Utility Resources LLC, an evening out from Evansville Firefighters Credit Union and a Firefighter of the year Ring from Local 357. The Green River Kiwanis will also erect a billboard with his picture, proclaiming his accomplishment. The billboard, courtesy of Lamar Advertising, will be at a location to be announced and should be in place by early April."

Congratulations to Captain Knight and the other seven nominees, and thank you to not only them, but all First Responders for their hard work and dedication to our community!

Tony Knight - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Patrick Moore - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
James Pauli - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Michael Bacon - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Daniel Brown - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Chad Buttry - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Rodney Frye - Photo: Evansville Fire Department
Clint Hoskins - Photo: Evansville Fire Department