There's always a honey-do list of items we put off because there's always something a little more fun to do. But, when the power goes out, you start begging for even the mundane to stay occupied. Check out our list below!

  1. Move around your furniture
  2. Clean your home
  3. Organize your bedroom and coat closet
  4. Write thank-you notes
  5. Organize your pantry items/pots and pans and alphabetize kitchen spices
  6. Spackle/fill holes/paint
  7. Reorganize your filing cabinet/bills
  8. Alphabetize your bookshelf/CDs/DVDs
  9. Organize photo albums
  10. Stitch holes in pants/sew on buttons
  11. Clean baseboards
  12. Bathe the dog
  13. Clean out the junk drawer
  14. Dust ceiling fans
  15. Switch out the summer/winter clothes
  16. Clean the gutters
  17. Rake leaves
  18. Weed flower beds
  19. Walk the dog
  20. Put up/take down seasonal decorations

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