Ah, the glorious 90's, where television, toys, and even candy just seemed so much better than they do now! Let's just get straight to it, because you'll love reminiscing about these toys you had as a kid in the 90's. Here's 15 Totally 90's toys you had to have as a kid in the 90's:

1) Tamagotchi
Tamagotchi might be the number one toy the 1990's ever saw. It was like nothing any of us had ever seen. You could have your own virtual pet right there, key-chained size, in real-time. Anybody who was anybody had a Tamagotchi; even my mom!

2) Beanie Babies
The wildest and arguably largest toy trend of the 1990's was the sudden and long-lasting popularity boom of the TY beanie baby. Not one person could just have one. People collected these little beanie animals like paychecks. At one time, I had over 150 of them myself. Thanks, mom!

3) Silly Putty
Silly Putty was the toy that you desperately needed, but your parents never wanted you to have. It was pink and stretchy, malleable and sticky, and perfect for all of your wild 8-year old ideas. However, it also got stuck in everything. I remember my mom having to cut out pieces of carpet, and cut off pieces of my hair because of silly putty. Oops!

4) Bop It
Bop it was one of the most addictive games of the 1990's. It had three major functions, and all you had to do was follow them in order. It was quite simple, you either had to twist it, pull it, or bop it. Simple right? Wrong! Bop it could quickly go from a friendly little game too frustrating insanity ending in screams of, “You cheating piece of – I KNOW I bopped it!”

5) Super Soakers
Super Soakers, the best outdoor summer toy of the 90's. Grab two and have super awesome water gun wars with your family and friends. Remember the blast power on those babies after you pumped it all the way up? Amazing!

6) Gameboy
Everybody wanted a Gameboy. Even the kids who didn't game wanted Gameboys. It was the first hand-held portable system of our time, and it had Mario. What else could you possibly want?

7) Furby
Furbies. The electronic talking half-alien, half rainbow gremlin werewolf toy that every kid wanted. Looking back, the robotics of it were absolutely terrifying, and once they started making alien noises in the night, I was done. Why did we want Furbies again?

8) Polly Pocket
As an adult now looking back, Polly Pockets were definitely my favorite toy growing up. The people were so tiny, and their homes folded neatly into darling little shapes. They even made little tiny Polly Pocket animals, and it was just about the cutest toy you'd ever seen.

9) Pokemon Cards
One of the biggest crazes with the longest popularity and longevity, as it's still around today, is Pokemon. Pokemon seemed to not be there one day and then was everywhere the next. Pokemon cards were the biggest trend, and they made Pokemon everything back then. The cards are still popular to this day, as are the video games!

10) Sock 'Em Boppers
Sock 'Em Boppers always seemed like a good idea. They were giant inflatable boxing glove type balloons you wore on each hand. However, we had to ban them in my family because someone would get bopped a little too hard, and then it was just a Bopper brawl afterward.

11) Koosh Balls
Koosh balls were probably the most zen-like toy of the 1990's. They were balls made of tons of rubber-like strings that protruded from everywhere. They felt so good in your hand, and they'd just flop down wherever they landed. You could even take them by a few strings and bounce them in the air. Let's face it, Koosh balls were cool.

12) Troll Dolls
Who didn't have a troll in the 1990's? I mean, really? Small body, huge head, and neon hair that stood straight up. Oh, and their huge eyes and tiny plastic butts! Who could resist the Troll doll?

13) American Girls
One of the biggest money pit trend toys of the 90's were American girl dolls. They were absolutely beautiful and huge compared to all of the other dolls on the market, but they were extremely expensive. Then, you'd have to buy all of the American girl accessories like her outfits, her horse, etc. It was a huge investment, especially for a doll. However, they did experience huge success so I have to be wrong about something!

14) Slinky
Everybody wants a slinky. I bet you even want a slinky now. It's the simplest of the fad toys of the 90's, but yet one of the most desirable and entertaining. Essentially just a giant compressed spring, a slinky was like nothing else. It could be pulled way far out, or compressed into a small coil. It could expertly fall down stairs and provide hours of entertainment. Who doesn't want a slinky?

15) Easy Bake Oven

Finally, our last contestant, the easy bake oven. Little girls of the 90's wanted to bake treats for themselves and their friends with the Easy Bake Oven. Honestly, I never owned one, but I had friends who did and they seemed to love them! It did sound really awesome that anytime they wanted a cupcake they could just whip one up themselves. Now I'm a little jealous.

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