We’re in an election year and that means the president is going to face more scrutiny than a guy with a hoodie in an airport security line carrying a gun-shaped attache case with a bumper sticker on it that reads “I (Heart) Violence.”

This time, however, Barack Obama’s chances are being sabotaged by his own party after Newark Mayor Cory Booker said recent campaign ads criticizing Mitt Romney’s days at the private equity firm Bain Capital were “nauseating.” Here are some other signs that a politician’s party is no longer on his or her side:

1. Your opponent picked up a key endorsement from your mother.

2. The song your manager picked for your campaign is Beck’s ‘Loser.’

3. The documentary about you that aired during the party convention was just a loop of a video of you playing ‘Quarters’ with Fidel Castro.

4. You live in the ‘Bizarro World.’

5. The head of your campaign for president called you “the next Franklin Pierce.”

6. The foreward for your campaign book was written by someone named Ann T. Christ.

7. Your party let Donald Trump endorse you.

8. Your Russian translator told Vladamir Putin that you said, “We should get together some time and talk about our old days in the KGB.”

9. Your press manager keeps handing you corn dogs to eat when photographer show up and you’re a guy.

10. Your running mate is the guy who green lit ‘Battleship.’

11. It’s ‘Opposite Day.’

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