If your child has a smart phone or tablet with a bunch of apps on there. You might want to make sure you know what's on there.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016
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Do you know what apps your teen has on their phone? Sure you may be aware of what some of them are, but there are a few apps out there that teens are using that you might not know about.

There has been a post trending on social media: "15 Apps Teens Are Using That Parents Need To Know." Honestly, I haven't heard of a few of these myself. They range from dating sites for "hook ups" to a misleading app that looks like a calculator, but in fact it is an app that you can use as a "secret photo vault."

Check this out:


Now your teen might not have these apps on their device, but judging by the amount of shares this post has, there's a good chance that they at least know what these apps are. So be aware of what your kids may have downloaded on their phones. It could be a huge difference-maker.

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