Remember late last year when Hostess went bankrupt and their iconic brands, like Twinkies, disappeared from store shelves?

Never fear, one giant retailer is rolling out the resurrected Twinkies in stores by the end of this weekend! Walmart has already started stocking their shelves all over the country with thousands of boxes of Hostess Twinkies. Originally, Hostess planned to re-launch the brand this coming Monday, but the superstore has exclusively jumped the gun and Twinkies, marked "First Batch", will be available at 3,000 to 4,000 stores by Sunday morning.

One bonus? The new Twinkies will now have a longer shelf life; in fact, you'll be able to keep them around for 45 days. Never fear Ding Dong, Ho-Hos, and other Hostess cakes fans, retailers will be rolling out other products over the next few weeks.

I'm stocking up on milk as we speak.