Through the Weekend Back Pack program, the Tri-State Food Bank is providing nutritious weekend meals for children to take home. This crucial program provides meals for 800-900 tri-state children each week. Each backpack contains: two breakfasts, two lunches, two suppers, and two snacks. Help support the Weekend Backpack program by bringing by donating items at the Back to School Expo on July 27th from 10a - 4p at Eastland Mall.

Items Needed: Shelf stable meals(i.e.Lunchables), oatmeal, cereal bars, cereals packaged in individual sizes, pop-tarts, soups, peanut butter, fruit cups, dried fruit, Trail mix, raisins, microwave lunch cups, small cans of vegetables and fruits, tuna salad kits, 2% milk in aseptic packaging, 100% fruit juice in aseptic packaging. All food must be individual serving sizes and canned items must be pop tops.

Healthy Snacks: Dried Fruits, Gummy Fruit Snacks, Oatmeal Cookie Snack Cereal Bars, Granola Bars, Whole Grain Snack Bars, Pudding Cups, Applesauce Cups, Jello Cups, Nut or Raisins Trail Mix, Peanut Butter Treats

Weekend Back Pack Menu Entrees: Vitamin D Milk (shelf stable), Breakfast Cereal Bowls, 100% fruit juice, Canned Meals & Soups (fully cooked with pop-top lids, small 7.5 ounce), Small vegetable cans or cups, Fruit Cups, Tuna Salad Kits