Newburgh Restaurant Offering Olympics-Themed Drinks
The local restaurant, Archie and Clyde's in Newburgh, has recently switched their drink menu to reflect the very buzz-worthy Olympics. Some of the selections are quite... interesting. I really want one of those Russian Blood Dopers. MMMMM....
Wright’s Berry Farm in Newburgh Offers Summer/Fall Produce!
Fresh garden tomatoes... the thought of the plump, juicy, red deliciousness turns me into Pavlov's dogs. And you just can't duplicate them in a green house.
I didn't have time to get down to the Historic Newburgh Farmer's market this weekend, so I found an alternative in Newburgh …
What the Heck is Kohlrabi?
This weekend, I was at the Historic Newburgh Farmer's Market in downtown, Newburgh, and I saw this on the Graber Produce stand. Now, you might be asking yourself, "What is this?" Let me introduce you to this delightful vegetable known as kohlrabi.
Dear Restaurants, Please Offer My Kid Some Vegetables
Recently, my family and I took a trip to Florida. I planned on cooking in our condo's kitchen for my family during the trip because I love to cook but I became ill and wasn't able to prepare too many meals; which meant we went out to eat for most of the week. It was during this time that s…

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