I think it's finally safe to say the harsh Evansville winter is behind us, and the much welcome warmer temperatures of Spring are here. Now it's time to give some desperately  needed attention to the one thing faced the nasty winter elements more than anything else — your car.

Even if you keep your car, truck, van, SUV, whatever in a garage, the dirt, grime, and salt it picked up off the road has left it looking like you drove it through a dust storm. It's time to give a solid scrubbing and there's no better time than today when you can also help Youth Resources of Southwestern Indiana in the process.

To get involved and lend a hand, simply visit the shopping page of the Mike's Carwash website and purchase as many washes as you'd like. 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to Youth Resources.

Trust me, your car will thank you, and I know for sure Youth Resources will.