Okay, I could write a book-length testimonial for why I'm married, especially to my wife, Jenny, but the point of this blog is not to gush about my wife (although I'm sure she would like it), it's to point out why being married to someone you truly love is good for your heart.  Yes, love can "break" your heart, but it's also apparently one great way to keep your ticker tickin'!

Apparently, according to a study of more than 3.5 million Americans, married people are less likely to suffer from heart and blood vessel problems than single, divorced or widowed people.  Not only that, but married folks, no matter the age or gender, had better heart health despite other factors, such as cholesterol or diabetes.

So why is this so?  The researchers don't know.  They can only speculate possible reasons without any proof to substantiate the answer to "why."  Regardless of why or even the fact that married people seem to have better heart health, I'm glad I'm married and I'm so very happy that I'm married to Jenny.  I'm a very lucky guy!