Yippe yi-o ki-ay!  Twinkie the Kid may be resurrected from the dead soon!  If you're a Twinkie lover, then rejoice because it appears that Hostess Brands may have an investment firm or two interested in buying the Twinkie rights.

Yaaaa-hoo!  Many of the other Hostess product names have been picked up by other companies; yet the nearly indestructible Twinkie appeared, for a while, to be riding off into the sunset.  Now things are looking up.

The "gun fight" is between. Dean Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management.  Even though I don't eat Twinkies anymore, I do have fond childhood memories of eating the golden sponge cake and creamy filling.  So I'm hoping that the Twinkie is able to live on for future generations and Twinkie lovers everywhere!