In my opinion, one of the most memorable things to happen in the 2013 was the creation of We Are Evansville. I am going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with why this came to be, and I'll go from there.

Once established, We Are Evansville became (and remains) a way for folks to acknowledge their pride for this city. Throughout the year, the We Are Evansville folks have asked members of the community to send in pictures that somehow capture their pride in Evansville, or perhaps even just the essence of Evansville. Back in May we had "We Are Evansville Community Pride Day" and in July hundreds of folks gathered on the riverfront to help spell out the word Evansville. I was there for that photo shoot. You can see me in the picture above - I am the sweaty hairy dude on the right. The blond holding a baby is our Digital Managing Editor Ashley Sollars.

While all of this was going on a video that kind of combined all of these efforts was being assembled - and it is finally here!