The Meth Next Door

Evansville Fire Department – Fire Station #1 750 SE 8th St.
Parking is available at Impact Ministries.

Sunday, March 17 from 7:00–8:00 p.m.
Presented by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and his No Meth Task Force
Hosted by Byrd, Eyewitness NewsAnchor, and televised live on LOCAL 7 WTVW

Join us for a televised Town Hall Meeting with Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and his No Meth Task Force. Find out what Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and his No Meth Task Force are doing to increase awareness about the dangers, costs and other devastating consequences of meth. Learn what’s being done to improve the health, safety and vitality of our community by reducing methamphetamine production and availability in Evansville. Ask questions. Be part of the live, televised broadcast. And learn how you can get involved.

Methamphetamine (“meth”) is a threat to all of us in the Evansville community.

Abuse and production of the illegal drug:
• Is dangerous and expensive to clean up
• Puts children in harm’s way
• Negatively affects property values and the environment
• Costs taxpayers lots of money for clean-up
• Tears families apart
• Impacts Evansville’s economic development