I don't know how the Jelly Bean Day thing got started.  Maybe it's to celebrate the colors or shape or something of the Earth since Earth Day and National Jelly Bean Day are the same date.  I DO know, however, that I'll be more than happy to celebrate the Earth by eating jelly beans!

Jelly beans date back to the 1860s and were made very popular during the Ronald Reagan presidency in the early 1980s.  The President used to keep a jar of them on his desk and was responsible for sending some into space in 1983. What are your favorite jelly bean flavors?

Earth Day, of course, is a day set aside to remind us all to protect the Earth and her natural resources.  The easiest ways to do this are to reduce our use of those resources, reuse items and recycle the resources that we are able to recycle.  What's your favorite way to celebrate Earth Day?  Need ideas?  Click here for more!

There's even a new Disney film on the way for Earth Day 2014!   This year's, Bears, should be a good one for the whole family!