Friday, July 11th is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A!  Dress up like a cow and they will give you free food!  The more cow-like you are, the more food you will earn.  And the best part is the whole family can dress-up and be silly together.

Use the CFA cow for inspiration for your costumes.  We are aiming for black and white and homemade. Don’t let waiting till the last minute be an excuse for you to miss this event.

Start with a basic white t-shirt and using a black marker, draw big black splotches all over in a “cow-like” arrangement.  If you’d prefer something less permanent use black construction paper cutouts, black fabric, or even black electrical tape.

Next, you’re going to need horns and ears.  If you’ve got construction paper make a simple headband and tape onto it cut-out ears and horns.  Don’t worry about perfection; we’re going for good effort here.

Complete your look with a sandwich board.  Using two pieces of large construction paper and two pieces of rope, declare your Chick-Ffil-A love by writing “Eat Mor Chikin!” or “Smart Peeple Eat Chikin!”

If you’ve got more enthusiasm, time and resources, you can really impress the staff at CFA by trying one of the costume ideas on Pinterest.  Just search “Cow Appreciation Day.”

Show up with your herd at your Chick-Fil-A location and enjoy the fun and free food!