Sky Zone Trampoline Park Coming to Evansville
The trampoline in our back yard provides hours of bouncing fun for Emily and Elliot.  Elliot bounces simply to bounce around.  Emily does that too, but she also practices her cheers and tumbling.  We all realize that bouncing on a trampoline is lots of fun, but it’s also great exercise for the muscl…
Americans Increasingly Turning Down Diet Soft Drinks [Poll]
I used to drink Pepsi, regular sugar-filled Pepsi, all the time; from the time I was a young child to my 30's.  Then I became more health conscious and began drinking diet sodas.  In this way I've been a typical American consumer.  Over the past decade, though, diet soda drinking by the American pub…
Tons of Peanut Butter Get Dumped in Landfill
It turned into a sticky situation and I'm glad it didn't happen in Evansville.  About 25 tons of peanut butter that was okay for anyone to eat was purposefully dumped into a landfill in Clovis, New Mexico.  Why?  That's a little complicated.

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