(Dave Westrich)

Although I haven’t had a reason to use the WeTip hotline number (1-800-78-CRIME), many Vanderburgh County residents have, which is proof that there is a need in the Evansville community for this anonymous tip line.  It’s satisfying to see that WeTip has greatly helped the Evansville Police Department catch people involved in criminal activities.

The hotline has proven to be impressive and very effective.  It’s earned Vanderburgh County a community safety award.  Kyle Phernetton (prosecutor’s office) said that the tips received so far have led to about 30 arrests.  He added that every day the hotline gets at least one tip and a total of about twenty per week.

What makes the WeTip program special is the anonymity.  Callers that provide information to the hotline do it anonymously and can earn a reward of up to $1,000 if the information they provide leads to an arrest and conviction.  By keeping informants anonymous, it encourages people to get more involved in helping to keep their communities safe.

I applaud the Evansville Police Department and its members for doing all they do to ensure the safety of us all.  They are brave and diligent men and women who deserve our respect and gratitude.

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