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FBI Removes Shrunken Heads, Nazi Artifacts From Indiana Home
Shrunken heads and World War II memorabilia are just a few of the items the FBI removed last week from a rural Indiana home. Federal agents raided the house of 91-year-old Donald Miller based on suspicions of him being in possession of illegally obtained artifacts, according to reports.
Flu-Like Hog Virus Is Threatening Indiana Farmers
Less than a year ago, United States agriculture officials discovered an ugly hog virus that threatening the country’s pig population. Now, that virus is reportedly spreading rampantly across Indiana, which could kill a large percentage of newborn pigs.
What Are the Top 10 Consumer Complaints in Indiana?
According to the Indiana Attorney General’s office, the Hoosier consumer filed 15,400 complaints last year, ranging from issues with automotive service, which topped the list for the third consecutive year, to problems with telephone service providers.

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