Historic Newburgh Farm Market Opens Saturday
The Historic Newburgh Farm Market will launch this year’s season on Saturday, May 28th.  It is located at the corner of State Street and Water Street in Downtown Newburgh in the Edgewater Grille Parking lot.
How Indiana Students Can Visit National and State Parks for FREE
The "Every Kid in a Park" pass is meant to encourage Indiana fourth graders and their families to get out and visit more than 2,000 federally managed lands and waters nationwide – including national parks, national forests and marine sanctuaries – for a full year.
How Deep is the Ocean?
When I go to the beach, I stay on the beach. I never go out past waist high water and if a piece of seaweed grazes my foot, I treat it as if Jaws just ate my lower half. NOPE!
I saw this on Facebook and it was kind of eye-opening about how deep and scary and crazy cool the ocean is... Do you think it…

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