Every day, I scroll through Twitter to see what's up in our fair city. I follow mostly businesses, organizations and leaders in our community on my professional Twitter account.

One day, I followed Mayor Lloyd Winnecke not realizing I had accidentally followed FAKE Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. Now, seeing what the fake mayor has tweeted is a highlight of my day. I must warn you, however, FAKE Mayor Lloyd Winnecke on Twitter definitely isn't the real mayor and his tweets are riddled with salty language, insults and vulgarity. The Fake mayor even goes so far as to converse with Fake Tim Ethridge - Courier & Press editor and @boogiethedog.

The real Mayor Winnecke knows about the fake account and has a good sense of humor about it - would we expect any less from our good humored mayor? But he has no idea who the quick-witted self-titled imposter is behind the keys.


My favorite clean tweets from the Fake Mayor are below. If you dare, click the button below to follow the Fake mayor. He's not always politically correct but he hits the nail on the head more often than not. The second button is to follow the real Lloyd Winnecke. Of course, the real mayor always has insight and a fresh perspective on our fair city. I just hope this editor never finds a Fake Ashley Sollars - Townsquare Media Editor on Twitter, though she might keep up with tweeting better than I can.