Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with treehouse. There is just something about the thought of a cool house or space in the tree tops. If I could live in a treehouse, full rime, I would.

But for now, I will have to just settle for spending some time in these brand new treehouses that are located in Illinois inside the Shawnee National Forest. Take a look!

You Can Now Stay Brand New Treehouse Cabins In Illinois' Shawnee National Forest

Book your stay HERE!

I would love to have a treehouse like this to live in all the time. When I was a little girl, I begged my dad to build my brother and I a treehouse. He would always just tell me to go play in the barn. So, I made my own treehouse. Well, it was a house I built by a tree.

We weren't allowed to climb trees beyond the bottom layer of branches. So, it would have been difficult to build IN the tree. My little brother and I took scraps of wood and rocks and made our two room treehouse. Basically, it was a small square perimeter built of stone, with wood planks leaning against the rocks. There was no roof or walls beyond the bottom, but it was our treehouse and it was awesome.

Fast forward to when my dad had grandkids and, you guessed it, he finally had the motivation to build a treehouse with electrictity, windows with screens, carpet, white baord walls for draeing and a wrap around deck. His grandkids weren't going to be forced to play in an old barn. No way.

But, I guess I finally got my treehouse. :-)

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