It's a hundred degrees out now but what happens when it's 20 below with 100% chance of a blizzard and school has been cancelled? Sounds like fun unless you are a working parent like myself who can't take your kiddo to work or leave them at home with a family member.

Luckily, it's the YMCA to the rescue! They offer YMCA Day Off School Program and registration is officially open but spots are limited!

YOU CAN COUNT ON US We know that working parents face a dilemma when school is cancelled due to single day holidays, short breaks and inclement weather. That is why we have filled in the gaps with the School Day Off Program at the YMCA. We offer supervised games, swim time, open gym, and activities in our youth center for school-aged children (K-6) from 7:00am to 5:30pm. Each child should bring a lunch, swim suit, & towel daily. -YMCA

The school day off program isn't just for snow days. It also covers those short break days like the day before Thanksgiving, Black Friday (HELLO SHOPPING! I mean... work??) and various other short holidays and breaks. See the calendar below.

  • 10/5, 10/8-10/9 Fall Break: EVSC
  • 10/12 & 10/15 Fall Break: WCSC
  • 11/12 Veteran’s Day: EVSC
  • 11/21 & 11/23 Thanksgiving Break: EVSC & WCSC
  • 1/21 MLK Jr. Day: EVSC & WCSC
  • 2/18 President’s Day: EVSC & WCSC
  • 4/19 Makeup Day: EVSC & WCSC
  • 4/26 Makeup Day: WCSC
  • 5/10 Makeup Day: WCSC

I'm pretty sure my kiddo will enjoy it so much she will choose to go play games and swim all day rather than hang out with me during breaks. Visit the YMCA's website for more info and to register your kids today.


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