This is clearly a case of “creativity” meets “art".  Just when you think they’ve thought of everything along comes iron skillets in the shape of the good ol’ U.S. of A.!

FeLion Studios makes the skillets by hand (notice the Fe, for iron?  Mr. Brauchla would be so proud of me for remembering that!)

The coolest (and ok, most bizarre) thing is that they all fit together like a puzzle.  But it would be a gi-normous puzzle once completed measuring close to 10 feet wide!

These fully functional pieces of art are available in a regional display.  Meaning you can order "the midwest section of the country" so you can use an Indiana skillet to fry up some burgers, and then put the Hoosier state back where it belongs on the map on a high-powered magnet on the wall after you clean it so that you can always have a complete mid-section of the USA.

These unique fry pans are catching on, they've even been featured on The Martha Stewart Show.  And while they are kind of "cute", I'm not sure anyone could afford the pricey pans.  Ok, I'm not sure anyone I know could afford them.  These suckers are priced anywhere from $200 - $2,500!

So I showed these pans to Rodney, to get a man's perspective on the whole thing, and he said, "well, they're interesting, but I wouldn't want to get hit in the head with California".

Nice one, honey.

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