As you know, there's absolutely zero chance of a White Christmas this year.  It's going to be sunny and unseasonably warm.  According to Eyewitness News Meteorologist Ron Rhodes, we are going to be flirting with a record high.

That record high was set back in 1982, when we topped out at 68 degrees on Christmas.  Here's what the National Weather Service is forecasting for this Christmas.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Yep!  They're calling for grilling weather.  That reminds me so much of Moon Mullins.  That was his Christmas tradition.  Each year, regardless of how warm or cold it was outside, he and his wife grilled steaks.  I think I may be joining that bandwagon this year.

And while we may fall just short of that all-time record Christmas high, we're still going to be enjoying temps well above average.

But one more interesting tidbit of Christmas trivia.  The year after we hit the record high in 1982, it was just 10 degrees the following Christmas.  So, if you're wanting a White Christmas, maybe you'll get one in 2020.

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