Every year Waverly Hills Sanatorium offers creepy tours, but once a year it turns into a full fledged haunted house with props and actors. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic many haunted houses are having to change their plans to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and Waverly is one of them.

Waverly Hills is known for being a hotbed of paranormal activity that many people flock to each year to tour and experience the creepy things happening.  The haunted house they put on at Waverly is also a big fundraiser for the Waverly Hills Historical society which works to protect the old building, and preserve the history.  This year to adhere to social distancing guidelines they'll be doing haunted tours, which sounds pretty awesome. Here's the statement from the Waverly Hills Sanatorium Facebook page:

Hello Everyone, due to the COVID19 Virus we have decide to CANCEL our annual Haunted House Event as you know it!
We will be offering Haunted Halloween Guided Tours!
A guided tour & cosplay actors throughout the building.
you've heard the stories, now come watch some of them come to life!
please visit our website for more information go to:
Ticket sales will be online ONLY & will be limited sales per-night.
Thank You! And we hope to see you soon!
If you're interested in booking a haunted Waverly tour, you can click here. Interested in learning more about Waverly?  Check out this video!
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