Warrick Humane Society does great work in the community and works hard to take care of all kinds of animals, and help them on their journey to finding their forever homes.  Two special pups have had quite the journey and need a bit of extra help.

Warrick Humane Society posted to Facebook on Friday the 13th, asking for donations of a special kind of puppy formula for two tiny pups, or donations to help offset the cost of future surgeries these pups will need.  You see these pups have cleft lips, which makes it harder for them to feed, and they will need round the clock care, as well as surgery when they're strong enough.  In the mean time the pups have an amazing foster who stepped up to the challenge to taking care of them.

Here's what WHS said about the pups and their situation:

Rescue Supporters today we want to share the journey these two sweet pups have been on & why we need your help.
Last Wednesday WHS got a call from another shelter that had an emergency. One of their local residents had a Mama Dog dumped on their property & she gave birth to 8 puppies, 4 of which had cleft lips. When puppies are born with this condition it can be impossible to feed. Knowing this was outside of the scope of their abilities, the local resident contacted their local shelter who reached out to WHS immediately & said they would transport that day with the other dogs we were already scheduled to take in if we could help. With only an hours notice WHS found a Foster for Mom, 4 healthy puppies and one puppy with the least of the medical issues. The puppies with the Cleft Lip needed special round the clock care. The 3 with the most severe issues needed placement. Unfortunately the one with mom crossed the rainbow bridge just a few days after being brought to us. WHS was very fortunate after reaching out in the Rescue Community that Laurie could make room to take on this monumental task. Folks this is a huge endeavor to feed & care for newborn puppies every few hours. Laurie has worked tirelessly to save these puppies and while one crossed the rainbow bridge these two sweet pups are still with us....growing stronger every day. And this is where we need your help.
After some trials this is the formula that is working best for their sensitive digestive systems. It is expensive & they need all the help they can get. Once they are old enough there will be significant surgical costs.
Please consider donating to their care or ordering the formula directly & having it sent to WHS.
If you're able to donate to their care, you can make a donation to WHS directly, by clicking here.  If you'd like to send formula to WHS you can find the kind they need here, and have it delivered to 5722 S. Vann RD, Newburgh IN 47630.

Rescue Supporters today we want to share the journey these two sweet pups have been on & why we need your help.

Posted by Warrick Humane Society on Friday, November 13, 2020

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