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According to 14News, the owners have come forward to Warrick county Animal Control.

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Warrick County Animal Control is needing help, they're looking to identify people who dumped a dog at their location on Wednesday, April 28th around 8PM. The poor dog was left tied up to a post all night during heavy rain and thunderstorms.  Warrick County Animal Control took to Facebook to share the video and photos of the people seen in the security footage tying up the dog. Here's what their Facebook post says (you can see the video below):

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IT IS ILLEGAL TO DUMP ANY ANIMAL!!! This poor young pit mix was left in the storm last night
Warrick County Animal Control needs your help! Three people in a possible white/silver Ford Explorer dumped a dog around 8 pm on 4/28/2021. If you know who any of these people are please call us at 812-897-6107. PIctures of the people in the comments
Stories like this always sadden me, I try to think maybe these people didn't see another option and were trying to get the dog the care it deserves. However they went about it the wrong way, so that's not much of an excuse.  Animal Control is an intake facility, where you can take your animal anytime during regular business hours if you can no longer care for your animal.  So it's really disheartening to see people dump their dogs and leave them potentially in danger.  The dog could have broken off the lead and run off, what if another animal came by and attacked the dog?  The dog would have no where to go. It's just way too dangerous of a situation to leave a dog in.
If you decide to get a dog please remember you are looking at a 10+ year commitment, and if you can't commit to that, then don't get a dog.  We see stories like this too often, and it's just really sad.   Hopefully this dog will get the care it needs, and be onto a better life.
Reasons like this are why I'm such a proponent of rescuing.  Both of my dogs are rescues, and I really have a soft spot for dogs who need help. Please consider rescuing your next furry best friend, it just may be the best thing you do.


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