The Vanderburgh Humane Society is currently seeking donations to help fund surgery for a sweet pup named Taffy.  Taffy came to the Vanderburgh Humane Society with a broken leg, and she needs surgery. One look at her sweet face, and you can't help but want to throw your money at her.  Her surgery is said to be around $3,000 so donations for the surgery are needed to help this sweet girl out.

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Here's what the Vanderburgh Humane Society said on Facebook about the surgery and why it's needed:

MEDICAL FUNDING NEEDED: Taffy has a broken leg and needs surgery immediately so she can heal correctly. After a consultation and X-rays, the estimate for her surgery is $3000. We can’t take on medical cases like Taffy’s without your support. Taffy is a four-month-old puppy with a condition called Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD), which affects large dogs’ bones as they develop. HOD can be painful and makes Taffy prone to bone fractures as she grows. She is in good hands with her foster mom, but she won’t be able to grow into a healthy adult without immediate surgery and ongoing care. We urgently need donations in order to take on Taffy’s treatment.

If you'd like to help you can make a donation to the VHS you can do so by clicking here. By making a donation you can help more animals like Taffy, and help VHS continue its mission of helping animals in the community. They don't just serve Evansville either. According to the VHS website, in 2020 35% of the animals they sheltered came from Warrick, Posey, Gibson, and other counties. So their impact is truly felt throughout the tri-state.

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