Faith Clark

One of my favorite Facebook groups is Disapproving Corgis. I had a Corgi growing up and so seeing the sweet faces and wiggle butts always just makes me happy! But, it's even better when the dogs have a really great unusual name. Here are a few of my favorites: Yorgi the Corgi, Pretzel, Popeye, Idaho, Morty, Edgar, Stubbs, Juniper, Tater Tot, Boba, Bruce Wayne, and Pancake who is pictured above. I mean - seriously! PANCAKE!

Here's Pancake with her mom Faith... LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Faith Clark

When I rescued my little dog - I needed the perfect little name for him. I didn't want to name him something that everyone calls their doggos but I wanted it to fit him. Originally, I was going to name him Augustus and call him Auggie but he looks like an itty bitty junkyard dog. Finally, it came to me... Bruiser! Yes, he's named after Elle Woods' dog from Legally Blonde but seriously, it fits him and NO ONE else uses it! And there are so many fun pet names like Bruski!


We also have a cat. His name is Peyton Meownning. Funny story - when we met Peyton Manning, Liberty from My1053 told me to tell him that I named my cat after him. I chickened out - that would be weird, right? So, if you are friends with the great Peyt, please let him know he has a feline counterpart!


So, I wanted to know what are some of the most unusual pet names in the tri-state! You didn't disappoint!

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Unusual Pet Names