Maybe it's because it felt like we were trapped inside of our homes during the pandemic, but I feel like more people are looking for outdoor escapes and adventures this summer. I think I may have discovered a fun family experience that you probably haven't discovered yet.

When my kids were young, we tried to find family vacations that offered an element of adventure, but only just enough to keep our kids excited, yet still safe for them too. We traveled to Virginia to go white water rafting but chose the full-day Duckie trip that involved kayaking for a couple of hours, stopping for lunch, and then hitting the rapids. Now, when I say rapids, they were just fast and scary enough to give both kids and adults an adrenaline rush. We all left there feeling like we had just conquered nature's water rapids. It was great.

Now that we are grandparents, we look for more things like that to make outdoor adventure memories with our grandchildren. Our granddaughter is way more adventurous than our kids ever were, we have to watch her very closely because she thinks she can do anything an adult can do. You know the kind. She loves to go camping, too. So, if I'm always looking for places to camp that offer something a little different, I think I found the perfect place.

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On one of my favorite Facebook group pages, I came across some photos and a video of Falls Campground in Louisa, KY. The campground is located in Eastern Kentucky so it's more than a day trip for us in the Tristate but totally worth a weekend or more getaway. And, get this, it has a waterfall you can tube down. It sounds and looks like an amazing, family-friendly adventure with lots of outdoor fun to be had.

According to their website, this is what you can expect.

The sound of the water rolling and tumbling over the falls creates a peaceful oasis of rest and relaxation. The sight of white water dancing and swirling between the nooks and crannies of the falls is totally mesmerizing. The sandy beach below the falls is a wonderful spot to soak up some sun or wade in the creek. Waking to the beautiful mornings with the misty fog rising off the water as the sunrise glimmers on the glass-like surface above the falls. The exceptional opportunity to fill your stringer with an rich variety of fish in the deep pools below the falls.

Here is the video I saw on Facebook.

Thanks to Daniel Clay Graves for the use of his photo and the video.


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