Sometimes it's just better to let a pro do the job. I'm guessing that's what is going through the mind of one man who tried to cut down a huge tree near his house himself and...well, he now regrets that decision.

There is no backstory provided for this tree chopping fail and it's probably better that way. I can give you an educated guess about how this likely went.

  1. Man needs to bring down a dead tree in his yard
  2. Man wants to save money
  3. Man thinks he can do it himself
  4. Gravity and physics laughs at him

I'm sympathetic to this dude as I've attempted some home improvement projects I had no business doing. Fortunately, there is no video evidence of my man attempts. There is of this guy.

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The experts have come out of the woodwork on YouTube to provide commentary...

Tim Harder - YouTube tutorial on how not the cut a tree? That's why you cut horizontally to the wedge cut out. Otherwise the weight has nowhere to go but slide off the wedge. That could have been so much worse.

So much worse? Oh, yeah. The fact that this huge tree just barely grazed the roof and didn't annihilate the house is a mathematical close call indeed.

Forget about the house. It's fortunate this guy didn't severely get himself harmed as that tree could just have easily landed on his head.

There's a reason why there are professional tree people. Let them do their job even though it will cost you.

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