This cabin was no doubt inspired by the Bates Mansion, and you can rent it for your next adventure!

Photo by: Harlan Country Campground
Photo by: Harlan Country Campground

Harlan Country Campground in Putney Kentucky is home to a cabin called Riley's Retreat, and when you look at it, it's not hard to see where they got the inspiration for this cabin. I mean just check out this revamped trailer for the movie, Psycho, and I think you'll see something looks very familiar!

Besides the look of the outside of the cabin and the doorbell, not much else about this cabin is Psycho themed. Which may come as a relief to some. It very much looks like a super nice cabin you'd stay in when you'd go on a trip to Gatlinburg.  But the outside has such a cool spooky look to it!

Here's a description for the cabin on the Harlan County Campground website:

If you’re looking for Gatlinburg in Harlan County – you’ve found it. Whether, it’s just a couple of folks, a family or two or three, or a group of guys – you’ll have all you need for your getaway. The cabin is set up to accommodate up to up to a max of 12 people (if two are sleeping on the sectional recliners and each of the large beds) and is located within ten minutes of the towns of Cumberland or Harlan. Amenities include a two full bathrooms/showers, barbecue grill, as well as a full kitchen for your cooking needs. It’s also located directly on the trail head of the Black Mountain Off-road Adventure Area and has direct trail access. But don’t forget after a hard days work or riding you can settle into the hot tub on the front deck and relax.

Check out Photos of this cabin below! And if you want to see the listing for it, check it out here. 

This Kentucky Cabin Looks Like the House From Psycho!

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