Every so often you come across one of the headlines or stores that talks about the next thing you can eat or drink to boost something.  Whether that be extending your years on this planet or enhancing your vision.  It’s always something.  Well now, apparently, that something is the winter-time favorite drink hot chocolate.

Look, I am a self-admitted coffee addict.  But seeing that drinking hot chocolate can make you smarter, I may be switching over for the foreseeable future.  Well, maybe not a complete switch.

According to a study done by the University of Birmingham in England drinking hot chocolate can improve the way your brain functions.  It helps the brain work faster and more efficiently.  There is something in the cocoa called flavanols that are the direct cause of this.

A quick science lesson for you; flavanols are molecules that can be found in fruits and vegetables.  Basically, these molecules help your brain work better.  They keep you sharp and help the brain stay healthy.  So now no one can judge you on how much hot chocolate you drink this year.  You’re doing your brain a service!

Of course, there is more to this study than just drinking a ton of hot chocolate.  There were variations in the number of flavanols in each cup of hot chocolate.  Basically, the better the cocoa, the better the participants reacted to the study in regards to brain function.  Still, it’s fun to think that a staple drink during the winter could end up being good for you.

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