Pool parties can start slow, boring, and who wants to be in the water without a good float? Exactly, no one does.

The huggable, over-sized sloth pool float will make your summer pool party epic. I mean who doesn't love sloths? If you are still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you need it.

1. PHOTO FRIENDLY: This huggable sloth pool float will make your photos extra adorable and cute. Perfect for the gram.

2. OVER-SIZED: Need I say more? It's meant to hug you, after all.

3. BUILT IN CUP HOLDER: With a feature such as a cup holder, you are sure to relax and stay hydrated while keeping your beverage close by.

4. CONVENIENT: Easily inflates/ deflates for hassle free travel and storage.

5. SIZE: Yes, size does matter. At almost 5 foot in length and 3 feet wide anyone can hop on and be hugged by the sloth.

Photo: Amazon, Swimways
Photo: Amazon, Swimways

For a mere, $35 this huggable sloth can be yours.

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