Everyone makes lasagna a little differently, but I have never heard of anyone making lasagna like this before.

It is no secret that it has been hot outside. We have seen temperatures in the upper 90s and even 100 degrees at one point. That's not even taking the heat index into consideration. I remember a few years back when we were experiencing a heat wave, I decided to see if I could bake cookies from inside my truck.

I thought it was kind of cool to see if it would work, and I wasn't disappointed by the result. Until today, that is the only cooking "challenge" that I had heard of involving the temperature outside...aside from people frying eggs on the hot concrete...which I don't think is too sanitary. Earlier today I stumbled upon another cooking challenge on Twitter from Meteorologist Brian Smith at WTVC in Chattanooga, Tennessee. What he shared is something that I have mixed thoughts about.

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Mailbox Lasagna

Brian Smith shared a lasagna recipe on air that is unlike any that I have ever seen before. I am a pasta fanatic, so I am up for trying most pasta. However, this lasagna is one that I question if it would A. even be good, and B. would even work.

Meat lasagna

In the video posted on Twitter, Smith shared a recipe for mailbox lasagna. What is mailbox lasagna? Well, it's a lasagna that you cook in your mailbox on a hot summer day. Weird, right? Here's how you should make it:

  • First, you want to cook your meat ahead of time. That's very important.
  • Next, you will assemble the lasagna as you would with regular lasagna in a dish that can fit inside of your mailbox.
  • Side Note: Make sure you clean out your mailbox before inserting it in there because you don't want spiders, wasps, and other things found inside your mailbox in your food.
  • Once you have done that, place the whole thing in your mailbox and close the door.
  • Let it sit in your mailbox for four to eight hours.
  • Then, when you come home, grab your mail and your dinner.

If you're willing to try this mailbox lasagna, take a look at the forecast over the next few days, pick the hottest day of the week and give it a whirl. Maybe it won't be too bad!

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