Man Shot at Fast Eddy’s in Evansville Early Friday Morning
As far as shootings go, this appears to have been a rather uneventful event. Of course, for those that were at Fast Eddy's during the shooting, I'm sure it seemed anything but uneventful. Luckily no one was seriously injured during the incident and 2 suspects have already been apprehended.
Tucson Tragedy: Targeting Talk Radio
The after effects of the Tucson mass murder continue to be felt in the Talk Radio world as the moderate Republican Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee bans all state workers from appearing on any talk radio program.
Sean Hannity Today: Tucson Tragedy
As the entire country struggles with the why and how of the Tucson shooting rampage allegedly perpetrated by an imbalanced and confused loner, the "Sean Hannity Show" today on WGBF has scheduled a special guest:
Justice Moving Swiftly in Arizona Shooting
The state of Arizona is wasting no time in bringing alleged killer Jared Lee Loughlin to justice: after Saturday’s shocking shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (who remains in critical condition but is able to communicate) and nine others, charges were quickly filed on Su…