Living out in the country, you have many animal encounters. The country is a great place to become one with nature. Unlike living in the city, you realize that we share space with the animals. We are not meant to invade but live together.

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Aside from the domesticated dogs and cats that are always coming into my yard and looking for a place new place to live, I have had turkeys, chickens, opossums, and most recently, skunks send time right outside my door.

Mother skunk out for a walk with her babies

My husband took this video as he was driving up the hill of our valley to visit his parents. What he captured was a beautiful ordinary moment between a momma skunk and her babies.

The mama started out with a nice, yet kinda dangerous, stroll down the side of the road, then proceeded to lead her babies on a hike through a freshly plowed field.

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever? When you see them like this, it's hard to imagine they can make the entire valley stink for days with just one spray.

Capturing baby animals with a GOPRO

I follow several Facebook pages that post videos from trail cams. I'm kind of obsessed with what the video capture. The videos are pure nature and in them, we see ourselves and our own kids and families.

In this video, a family of baby foxes is playing in the woods, when one of the siblings discovers a camera. The baby fox is curious, playful, and brave. Watch.

Netflix series focuses on baby animals

My granddaughter has a new favorite show on Netflix. The Wild Babies series is an incredible piece of filmmaking. It takes you deep into the lives of baby animals. As they fight to survive, you're up close and personal with the adorable, amazing, and sometimes frightening part of their young lives.

Here is the trailer for season one.


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