Next week, you may see some detours to and from work in Warrick and Spencer counties in Indiana. 

According to a press release from the Indiana Department of Transportation,

Beginning on or around Tuesday, Sept. 25, crews working for Norfolk Southern Railroad will begin replacing crossings on both State Road 62 and 161 in Warrick and Spencer Counties. The schedule for repairs is as follows:


  • 9/25 - S.R. 62 in Dale between U.S. 231 and S.R. 245. The official detour uses U.S. 231 and S.R. 162.
  • 9/27 – S.R. 62 in Gentryville between S.R. 161 and U.S. 231. The official detour uses S.R 162, U.S. 231, S.R. 68 and S.R. 161.
  • 9/28 - S. R. 161 in Tennyson between S.R. 68 and S.R. 62. The official detour uses S.R. 68, U.S. 231, and S.R 62.
  • 10/2 – S.R. 62 in Boonville between S.R. 61 and S.R. 161. The official detour uses S.R. 61, S.R. 68, and S.R. 161.
INDOT says that these repairs are will take about one to three days each to complete. They are also not expected to overlap. Local traffic will have access to these roads up to the point of closure if they need to access the streets during the time of repairs. As you can see above, there will be detour routes for these closures. Therefore, motorists should plan to leave extra time on their commute to get to and from their destination.

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