How often do you and your family hit the streets of Owensboro for a Christmas light tour?


Growing up, we made two trips and they weren't very long ones, but my sister and I always looked forward to them. And I'll need to explain why our excursions to view Christmas lights didn't take very long.

Simply put, back then there just weren't a lot of houses really decked out for Christmas the way they are now. I wouldn't say people didn't decorate. But it was often not much more than those lighted candelabras and a few lawn or porch ornaments. I remember having those candelabras in our windows. Mom also put two great big plastic and lighted candlesticks on the front porch and then wrapped the front door in green or red foil gift wrap. I will never understand how something like THAT was accomplished. But if Mom wanted to do it, she did it.


The earliest memories I have of Christmas light viewing really only involved two locations. There may have been others, but a house at the end of Parkway Drive was always decorated to the hilt. At the time, there was no Burlew Boulevard there and Parkway Drive was a dead end. After that, we'd head out to Forest Hills just off Highway 231 and just past Daviess County High School. We couldn't wait to get there. That whole neighborhood was lit up like...well, a Christmas tree. Don't get me wrong; that subdivision still decorates beautifully. They ALL do. But back then, it was a standout because so few others did it like that.


As the years went on, the eastern portion of Thoroughbred East off Highway 54 was a target destination. And then EVERYONE started getting in on the act. I mean, Christmas at Stonegate, just down the road from Thoroughbred East is must-see holiday viewing. And what about that house over by 54 Walmart? So impressive.

See, it's everywhere now. And it should be. I'm a big fan of subtlety in most cases, but not when it comes to outside Christmas decorating. Oh no. As far as I'm concerned, when the holiday season arrives, I wouldn't care if EVERY neighborhood went bananas.

It's like having multiple theme parks in your own backyard.

Now check out a Christmas light display in a decidedly unique setting.

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