The continuing shift in the way American ad dollars are allocated continues to change and move away from the once-heavy usage of newspapers as the prime advertising medium in the U.S. Online ad spending has now overtaken newsprint. According to

After 2009’s downslide, US online ad spending in 2010 will rise by 13.9%, reaching a record $25.8 billion. But records are made to be broken. In each of the following four years, internet ad spending will hit new peaks, passing $30 billion in 2012 and breaking the $40 billion barrier in 2014.

Another milestone: For the first time, online ad spending will surpass newspaper advertising, which eMarketer estimates at $25.7 billion for 2010. That makes internet advertising second only to TV among measured media.

Among reasons commonly given for the increase in online advertising usage are: reliability, large brand usage and small to medium size business usage. Broadcast TV still remains king of the ad-hill...for now.

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