'Were you affected by the f3 tornado?

Daniel Loretto

November 6th 2018 is election day, but also a day of significance in the Tri-State, it's the anniversary of the tornado of 2005. I remember that day well. We had family in town, my aunt, uncle, and 2 year old cousin were visiting and staying with us. I grew up in Newburgh and my parents house was damaged by the tornado. About $50K worth of damage was done to my parents house, but we were some of the lucky ones.

My parents house had quite a bit of damage, and they lost two trees, a massive maple tree in our backyard, and a small tree in our front yard (that one landed on my aunt and uncle's car...oops!)  I remember walking around the next day and the only way I can describe the damage, is it looked like a bomb went off in our neighborhood. It was unreal.

Like I said though, we were lucky. In the grand scheme of things we got out with some damage to our home, but nothing that couldn't be fixed.  Some weren't so lucky. Many lost their homes, and even worse, some lost their lives. According to our friend Joe Bird at Eyewitness news, the tornado was an F3, and claimed 25 lives.  It also had a massive path of destruction stretching 41 miles.

From Weather.Gov it says that the tornado injured 230 people and destroyed at least 500 homes and structures. Check out photos from the damage, some interesting facts about the tornado, and even the only known photo of the 2005 tornado, here.


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